I write all material using plain English so your clients can clearly understand your messages and act on them.


An advertorial is like an editorial advert for your company’s products and services. If you are paying for advertising and you are offered editorial space, I can make every word count.


I’ve had more than 1,000 articles published in newspapers and magazines. I wrote a 400 word article about a country hotel that filled its rooms for three years. Think of what my words could do for your business.

Articles are great marketing tools. Put them on your website or send them to prospective clients.

It’s easy to take advantage of my experience, just give me a call or email.

Blog Posts

I’ve written lots of blog posts for clients on various subjects. The client simply provides the topic and I research and write it to meet the client’s particular requirements. This is a cost effective way to provide customers with information and educate them about your products and services.

Brochure Content

I write brochures in plain English with a persuasive style to attract prospective clients. If your brochure doesn’t communicate with your chosen audience, I can help you.

Company Profiles

I develop profiles to showcase a company’s professionalism and achievements. More importantly, the profile highlights what you can do for your prospective clients if they choose your company to work with. Every profile is specifically tailored to individual requirements.


I really enjoy editing all kinds of material. If your company’s documents need updating, I’d like to be involved.

Often it’s cost effective for you to write a draft of the project and for me to edit it. This is especially true of training manuals, procedures manuals and other longer documents. Of course, I can write them for you if you would prefer.

Media Releases

I have prepared hundreds of media releases and my campaigns have been very successful for small, medium and larger clients.

Writing effective media releases can give your company great exposure, especially if they get your message across the way you want it, and also the way the media likes to receive it.

The benefits of working with the media are enormous; let me assist you with your campaign.


Newsletters are a great way to stay in contact with your clients; they are also excellent marketing tools. I have designed and written newsletters to educate, inform and increase a company’s market share. I can also use MailChimp for your campaign.


Structure and content design are important features of any report. Reports are written for a purpose and should meet all the needs of the recipient, not necessarily the person writing the document. Easy to navigate and readable content will make all the difference. I can either research and write your report or edit your material.

Submissions and Tenders

Increasingly, businesses are required to respond to tenders for projects in many industries, and especially government. The tender response should persuade the company/government department that you’re the right business for the job. That takes skill.

I have an outstanding success rate for tenders I have written for clients.

Technical Writing

I am experienced at turning technical jargon and industry specific information into reader friendly copy.

Material written in clear and concise plain language sets your company apart from your competitors and increases your reputation in the marketplace.

Training Materials

I hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and have written training materials including assessment tasks and other training resources for private Registered Training Organisations and TAFE Colleges.

Website Content

Your website is your window to the world. Don’t waste an opportunity to make the right impression from your “Home” page to your “Contact Us” page. The graphics may attract a person/company to your site, but the words keep them there.

If you need more information about any of the above services or wish to make an enquiry about a project, send me an email today. All enquiries welcome.