Words That Work For Your Business

Every business needs good copy for website content, blog posts, newsletters, policies and procedures, reports and proposals, forms, checklists, safety processes, tender submissions, grant applications and much more. As a freelance copywriter,  I can write or edit all of your content.

I’m actually your virtual wordsmith. I don’t have to visit your office; I work remotely via the Internet and email. Some of my clients I have never met. Some are half a world away from where I live but we still work well together.

Part of my job is to understand your business, so I can write quickly and efficiently which is cost effective for you.

Freelance Copywriting Examples

My words can grow your business. In the last two months, the tender submissions I have written for one medium-sized and two small businesses have generated contracts worth $4.5 million.

When I was writing the tender for one of these clients, I noticed the company did not have a Safety Management Plan. To get the SMP up to standard, I edited or rewrote the policies and procedures, and wrote new ones where necessary. Then compiled a SMP that was fully compliant with industry standards.

Another client, who is a builder, wanted all his company specifications and paperwork branded so they were consistent and professional. He then asked me to write checklists, inspection reports and other compliance material.

Copywriting for Training Materials

I hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and write learner guides and assessment tasks to audit standard. I also have some experience with Articulate online training software, so I can write the material and upload it to Articulate.

Do you need an ebook or articles to promote your business? I can help with these as well.

Please visit my services page for more information, or simply send me an email. I’m happy to work with you on a simple project or an ongoing contract.

Now you know why I’m not just a freelance copywriter.


All enquiries welcome.

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