Copywriting Services

I prepare copywriting content for all services in plain English so your clients can clearly understand your messages and act upon them.


An advertorial is not the same as an editorial. An advertorial allows clients to advertise their products and services in a longer form of content, but an editorial gives clients information about products and services (it is not an advert). Paid advertising space, depending on the size, usually attracts editorial space so you should make the most of it. Every word I write counts, so the editorial effectively promotes your business.


As a freelance journalist, I have written more than 1,000 articles that were published in newspapers and magazines. For example, a 400-word article about a country hotel filled its rooms for three years. My words can help grow your business.

Articles are great marketing tools, you can place them on your website or send them to prospective clients.

Please give me a call or send me an email to take advantage of my experience.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are cost effective and provide customers with information and educate them about your products and services. I write lots of blog posts on various subjects for clients who simply provide me with the topics and I research and write the posts.

Blog posts are excellent to promote your products and services.

Brochure Content

Initially, I meet with a client to decide on the brochure’s concept. Next, we discuss all aspects of the product or service, choose the right images and then I write the content in plain English. Prospective clients are attracted to clearly written and readable content. I can help you communicate with your chosen audience.

Company Profiles

I develop profiles that showcase a company’s professionalism and achievements. More importantly, I highlight in your profile what you can do for your prospective clients. Regardless of your industry sector, I specifically tailor every profile to suit individual needs.

I can help you keep your profile up to date so it remains effective.


I really enjoy editing all kinds of material. My experiences covers updating company documents including procedures for various business sectors. I have extensive experience in writing and editing occupational health and safety material.

I edit environmental reports, technical documents, update training materials, operational procedures, and much more.

I’m happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Media Releases

As a copywriter, I prepare numerous media releases for clients in many industry sectors. My campaigns are successful for small, medium and larger clients.

Effective media releases provide great exposure, especially if they get your message across the way you want it and the way the media likes to receive it.

You gain enormous benefits when you work with the media, so let me assist you with your next campaign.


Keep in touch with your clients via great newsletters . They tell clients about new products and services or give them valuable information. Newsletters are excellent marketing tools.

I design and write newsletters to educate, inform and increase a company’s market share. I also use MailChimp or other platforms for your campaign.


I understand the important features of structure and content design and incorporate them into every report I write. An effective report means the recipient quickly understands the content and can act upon the information. I can either research and write your report or edit your material to ensure it is easy to navigate and has readable content. My aim is to make a difference to how the report is received.

Submissions and Tenders

Many industries and especially government departments advertise tenders for various projects. You must persuade the company/government department that your company is experienced and skilled to do the job.

I work with you to write an effective response. In fact, I have an outstanding success rate and have helped many clients win tenders.

Technical Writing

I turn technical jargon and industry specific information into reader friendly copy. Solicitors, engineers, information technology companies, etc. all benefit from my experience.

Material I write is clear, concise and in plain English and this sets your company apart from your competitors. Your reputation increases with clearly written technical material and user-friendly content.

Training Materials

I write training materials and assessment tasks to audit standard and hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. I also write other training resources for private Registered Training Organisations and TAFE Colleges.

Website Content

Your website is your window to the world, don’t miss the ideal opportunity to make the right impression. I write attractive landing pages with your chosen keywords and/or phrases. Regardless of the size of your site, I can write the content. The graphics may attract a person/company to your site, but the words keep them there.

If you need more information about any of the above copywriting services or wish to make an enquiry about a project, please send me an email today. All enquiries are welcome.