Words That Work For You and Your Business

Hi, I’m Barb an experienced freelance copywriter. When I write copy for your promotional material, business documents or training content, your words will work.

They’re not fluff, static, fillers, instead every word counts, so your:

– articles/blog posts can educate and inspire your clients
– brochure content is uncluttered, informative and attractive
– communication plans are clear with a workable structure
– newsletters will inform and help promote your business
– proposals/reports will be tailored for all kinds of projects
– website content creates a great first impression
– tender submissions will be successful.

I choose words carefully so they are bold, informative, direct and, more importantly, actionable. They don’t get lost in lines of useless copy or lost in a wiz bang website or brochure design that looks good but doesn’t sell your products or services.

I’ve been writing tender responses for two decades and my effective writing skills can help you to win tenders. Please see the page under services for more information.

Your Copywriting Partner

I work from a well-equipped home office and I’d like to be your copywriting partner so you can take advantage of my training, qualifications and years of experience.

Apart from being a qualified freelance journalist and copywriter, I also hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. I can write effective and user-friendly training content and assessment tasks (printed text or online) in plain English and to audit standards.

I have also ghost written blog posts and articles plus books on golf, the digestive and cardiovascular systems, a 100-year history book and a memoir. If you want an ebook to promote your business, I can write that too. I take pride in being flexible.

Please visit my services page for more information, or simply send me an email. I’m happy to work with you on a simple project or an ongoing contract.

My clients are located in Perth, Bunbury, South West WA and the Eastern States of Australia.


All freelance copywriting enquiries welcome.

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